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Hydrogenics Corp. (HYGS) to Provide Integrated Hydrogen Fueling System for California’s Environmentally Sensitive Drivers

It’s common to skim the news and find information on new fuel cell products and services as the industrial and clean energy markets realize rapid growth and advancement. But Hydrogenics Corp. (Nasdaq: HYGS) has been in the game for quite a while, providing hydrogen generation and related products and services on a global scale.

Hydrogenics today announced it has teamed with Shell Hydrogen LLC, in which Hydrogenics will provide an integrated generation system for the Los Angeles fueling station. The agreement comes in light of California’s Hydrogen Highway initiative, reflecting California Governor Arnold Swartzeneger’s promise of 200 hydrogen fueling stations in the state before his retirement.

Hydrogenics’ agreement with Shell Hydrogen LLC caters to the growing number of hydrogen-powered vehicles by offering hydrogen onsite at the station.

“The experience gained in our 50-year history positions Hydrogenics to meet the rapid growth of the Hydrogen Highway,” Daryl Wilson, president and CEO of Hydrogenics stated in the press release. “Our modular product offering is highly scaleable and configurable to meet widely varying requirements.”

Hydrogenics’ integrated hydrogen fueling station is based on its highly modular standard product line, including electrolyzer, compressor, storage and dispensing systems. The company has implemented a canopy system for the fueling modules, where all the components are mounted on the roof of the station canopy, reducing the footprint of the hydrogen station.

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