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HotOtc Featured Company: Dolby Laboratories Inc. (DLB) Sees Mobile and Personal Computer Markets as Solid Licensing Areas

It’s often said that the quiet ones need to be watched. They go about their business slowly, working their way into the system without anyone noticing. Then, all of a sudden, they’re into everything and making a fortune. Finding these quiet companies can be difficult, but when they are located, they can definitely wake up a portfolio with a bang.

Dolby Laboratories Inc., a technology entertainment company, offers audio and other technology features used in a majority of entertainment and communications applications. Most often associated with the sound in a movie theater, the company now offers technology for quality sound found in computers, mobile phones, DVD players, video games, DTV’s and various technology applications.

Started in the mid-1960s, the company has definitely been keeping pace with technology and will be a large winner as entertainment technology races to keep up with voracious entertainment/communications consumers. The outward signs of this rapid pace include the change toward DTV and the recent decision to accept Blu-ray over DVD as a digital recording and viewing standard.

Although the replacement of current boxes not compatible with new standards will be a great boost for the company, its myriad of other digital technology projects, such as mobile phones, will continue to support the company’s pursuit of the digital customer. Its recent introduction of a digital networking product will likely enhance its professional image while the race for the video gamer dollar continues at its generally rapid pace.

Dolby Laboratories Inc. is one of those technology companies that one tends not to think too much about. It goes about producing superior sound and other technologies consumers use every day without thinking about them. At the pace that technology and the world of entertainment are preceding, it may be about time that those same people sit up and take notice of the change that is falling into this company’s coffers.

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