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GateHouse Media, Inc. (GHS) Prints the News that’s Fit to Print on a Local Scale

If it’s happening in your local community, there’s a good chance GateHouse Media is covering the action. This publisher of locally-based print and online media operates out of Fairport, New York. They trade on the NYSE as part of the Publishing-Newspapers sector. They have a market capitalization of $372.2M.

GateHouse Media, Inc. (GHS) products include 101 daily newspapers and 282 weekly newspapers. They also have 132 shopper publications. These are primarily advertising-only publications. Seven yellow page directories are also part of their core product line. GateHouse Media’s products reach 10 million people on a weekly basis.

GateHouse also has over 250 websites as part of their online presence. Their online and print publications serve over 233,000 business advertising accounts. GateHouse Media’s customer base resides across 20 states. GateHouse considers their company as the voice for the local communities they serve.

Their focus as a company is to be the premier provider of local content and advertising within the small and midsize markets where they operate. With this focus on the local community, they offer targeted delivery to their advertising clients. GateHouse serves advertising clients who want to reach local audiences on a national level.

GateHouse publications get inside the homes of local communities, and advertisers see value in this. People tend to read their local community publications and this is the demographic advertisers capitalize on. GateHouse feels they are a hyper-local company; their local publications concentrate on the nuances of their specific communities. If your son or daughter has a part in a school play, you may well see that on the front page of your local GateHouse community newspaper. Their local publications cover everything from town politics to high school sports.

Michael E. Reed is the CEO of GateHouse Media, Inc. He is the former President and CEO of Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. (CNHI). His previous experience saw him with Park Communications, Inc. of Ithaca, New York. He serves on the board of directors of the Newspaper Association of America and Associated Press. Mark R. Thompson is the CFO of GateHouse. He is the former CFO of eToys Direct, Inc. He also serves on the board of directors of the Inland Newspaper Association.

GateHouse Media, Inc. continues to serve the local community through its print and online channels. They focus on providing targeted advertising solutions for clients who want their message inside the homes of everyday America on a daily and weekly basis. GateHouse sees great potential in local markets. They know they can tailor their publications to meet the needs of each unique community.

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