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Metro One Development Inc. (MODI) and Imagin8 Bring Virtual Products Home

Metro One Development Inc. (MODI), a custom builder and property developer based in Toronto, Canada, has announced the formation of a partnership with Canadian multimedia group Imagin8 to offer one-of-a-kind 3D virtual walk-through tours to the broad spectrum U.S. and Canadian housing and condominium markets. It has long been the dream of many real estate developers and agents to have the ability to showcase a home without having to physically be at the location. While some strides have been made along those lines, it is the hope of MODI that their new take on virtual tours will prove to be both popular and lucrative.

In addition to the 3D tour, MODI will be marketing a unique, glass-based, showcase technology. This innovative interactive media platform works through glass by transforming the surface into a creative form of 3D expression. This vertical application combines Imagin8’s unique technology with motion-reactive video and graphics, and creates on-the-spot interaction for anyone viewing its content. The interactive tabletop system turns any ordinary board into an exciting, self-activated experience. Activated by motion detection, each flat surface can be turned into a unique, customized information system.

It is believed that such a high level of home customization will bring about a revolution in the home real estate market. The new product line should enable developers and builders to offer a more personalized experience for their customers. The products also allow a degree of interactivity, adding to the buyer’s individual experience. Coupled with Metro One’s use of the technology to offer made-to-order designs to the broader housing market, MODI believes that this will be a strong and attractive marketing strategy for their company. MODI stock is currently up over 130%, at $0.065 per share as of Wednesday morning.

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