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EXACT Sciences Corporation (EXAS) Announces Published Study Results for the Company’s Colorectal Cancer Detection Technology

EXACT Sciences Corporation (NASDAQ: EXAS), a research and development company focused on developing non-invasive screening technologies for early detection of colorectal cancer, recently announced published results of a comprehensive colorectal cancer detection study in which stool and blood plasma were individually assessed to determine which type of testing was more accurate in detecting the disease.

The study results showed 92 percent sensitivity for detecting colorectal cancer in stool samples. Utilizing state-of-the-art BEAMing DNA detection technology from Johns Hopkins University, the study results showed that stool-based DNA testing outperformed blood plasma testing, especially for the detection of early-stage colorectal cancers. According to the study, stool-based testing provides more accuracy due to its immediate contact with the colorectal cancers and polyps in the colon.

Executive management of EXACT Sciences Corporation is pleased by the latest results as they underscore the early detection power that is achievable when combining advanced detection techniques with a DNA target-rich environment such as stool samples. The results of this latest study suggest that stool is the more reliable and robust source of mutated DNA when compared to blood plasma.

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