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Micromet Inc. (MITI) is a Great Stock to Radar for Pioneer Investors

Popular conceptions of value-investing are debatable. How can you be sanguine that future projections about any stock are reliable? Here is a small-capital example from Bethesda, MD that you can use. It demonstrates the powers of adaptability and innovation in building the best platforms for business.

The corporation is part of the Biotechnology & Drugs Industry. Creativity is a vital visa to this part of the business world. However, most startups fail because they function as academic institutions rather than with strategic business vision. Why does this stock stand apart?

The very genesis of the corporation makes it a likely winner. It has been formed by the merger between a European research organization and a commercial operation in the United States. Cross-functional and trans-Atlantic synergies result. Many blockbuster drugs of today have resulted from such associations in the past.

The business is focused on the key therapeutic area of cancer. It has a versatile and proprietary technology platform. The chances of constructing a fountainhead from which many regulatory approvals will follow are bright.

The management has a valid track record of collaboration. It is likely to meet all cash flow demands without surrendering control. That does not rule out possibilities of strategic integration with established pharmaceutical majors.

Overall, the stock is one to watch for investors in for the long-term. Clinical trials do not proceed in straight lines, but few opportunities at less than $5 a share in August 2008 can match this Healthcare Sector star.

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