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Emcore Corp. (EMKR) Announces Supply Agreements Totaling $29M

The sales announcement of 2 solar photovoltaic receivers is exciting for Emcore Corp., ensuring its growth in the photovoltaic segment of its business. The sale is important for Emcore, which did very well in 2006 with a net income of $54M. In 2007, cost of revenue went up, as did SG&A, leading to a net income loss of -$58M. This sale may be its return to profitability.

Emcore Solar Photovoltaic technologies convert optical light into electrical energy, enabling power generation, while Emcore fiber optics technologies convert electrical energy into optical signals, enabling high-speed communication infrastructures.

Emcore builds turnkey concentrator photovoltaic arrays (CPV) systems using optical lenses and mirrors Emcore concentrates the sunlight onto a very small, highly efficient multi-junction solar cell to improve efficiency and increase the amount of energy generated.

Emcore also has a fiber optics division that provides the infrastructure elements for fiber optic networks, including fiber optic cable, transmitters, transceivers, video, audio and data transport, satellite and microwave, optical switches and multiplexers, and anything needed to set up and run a fiber optic network of almost any configuration.

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