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Digital Angel Corp.’s (DIGA) SARBE Division Secures Agreement as BAE Systems’ Eye in the Sky

Digital Angel Corp. (NASDAQ: DIGA) is an advanced technology company focused on animal identification and emergency identification solutions. The company’s patented, FDA-approved implantable microchips are applicable for livestock identification, and its global positioning systems (GPS) are used for aircrafts, ships and boats.

Digital Angel’s SARBE division offers a line of products, including its digital satellite communications and GPS as found on ships, aircraft and submarines of the military in more than 40 countries. The company today announced SARBE has completed negotiations with BAE Systems, in which SARBE will supply its Advanced Aircrew Personal Locator Beacons (AAPLBs) to BAE.

The AAPLBs will be distributed to each of BAE’s pilots, as well as visiting pilots and aircrew, for use in case of emergencies that require aircraft abandonment. In such case, the AAPLB deploys a distress message containing the exact GPS coordinates to identify the location of the survivor.

SARBE and BAE have worked together in the past; and while the AAPLBs contract isn’t a large one, Digital Angel said it represents SARBE’s leading position in the market. “BAE has been a loyal SARBE customer for many years. We are pleased to be supplying BAE with the latest generation beacons that will be in service for many years to come.” Digital Angel CEO Joseph J. Grillo stated in a press release.

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