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China Sky One Medical, Inc (CSKI) – Making Strides in the War against Cancer

China Sky One Medical, Inc (CSKI), a leading, fully integrated pharmaceutical company making products (for external use) for the over-the-counter market in China, announced the successful development of a semi-quantitative automatic inspection device for its diagnostic kits. The company has developed a series of diagnostic kits, under the support of the Chinese government, which significantly improve the accuracy of early cancer detection. This marks a very great stride in the detection of cancer in China, as well as the prevention of cancer deaths due to postponed diagnosis.

China Sky One’s diagnostic kits aren’t able to interpret accurately without the use of advanced equipment, a fact which has slowed adoption of the diagnostic kits throughout China. Only a handful of hospitals in the nation are equipped with the proper devices for reading and interpreting the results of the tests. In response to this, the semi-quantitative automatic inspection system for these diagnostic kits will aid physicians in interpreting the results, and should allow more hospitals and doctors to begin using the kits.

This new system will use photoelectron technology. It will allow a physician to attach the inspection system to the diagnostic kit, thereby interpreting the results without the need for additional equipment. By making the use of these kits much easier, CSKI is hopeful that their kits will be more widely adopted by healthcare professionals.

China Sky One Medical, Inc. is a holding company which engages in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical, medicinal and diagnostic products. Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Harbin Tian Di Ren Medical Science and Technology Company and Harbin First Bio- Engineering Company Limited, the company manufactures and distributes over-the-counter pharmaceutical products, which make up its major revenue source.

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