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Beijing Med-Pharm Corp. (BGJP) is “One to Watch”

BMP Sunstone, formerly Beijing Med-Pharm, is a Delaware corporation licensed in 2003 with Chinese subsidiaries offering comprehensive solutions to western pharmaceutical companies hoping to sell in the Chinese marketplace.

In 2004, a change in China’s corporate law enabled the former Beijing Med-Pharm to buy Beijing Wanwei Pharmaceutical Corp., Ltd. The result was BMP Sunstone, which provides a variety of services to foreign pharmaceutical companies, including pre-market entry analysis, clinical trial management to meet China’s pharmaceutical standards, pharmaceutical registration (including pre-registration), marketing services, and distribution to the bulk of China’s more than 13,000 hospitals.

With U.S. headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and operations throughout the Peoples Republic of China, BMP Sunstone is positioned to open doors for emerging and established pharmaceutical manufacturers and sellers to the Chinese marketplace, which has begun to explode and promises to become the world’s fifth largest pharmaceutical marketplace by 2010, with projected annual sales of $120 billion (U.S. dollars) by 2020, according to Sinopharma Group, a leading domestic pharmaceutical company.

More and more western pharmaceutical companies like AstraZeneca recognize the long-term business opportunities presented by this burgeoning marketplace. To date, all 20 top multinational pharmaceutical giants have either established or expanded their presence in the country, leading to an 80-percent dominance of China’s pharmaceutical market by foreign-made drugs, according to the WTO Tribune.

In addition to its marketing services, BMP Sunstone is also building a portfolio of proprietary drugs for sale within China, beginning with Propess and Anpo, or ritodrine hydrochloride, a muscle relaxant. These, together with its seasoned team of professionals in management positions and portfolio of services to help western pharmaceutical companies enter China’s emerging medicinal marketplace, place BMP Sunstone in an enviable position to deliver value to both Chinese consumers and shareholders.

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