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At A.T. Cross Co. (ATX) it’s All about Quality

When you’re putting pen to paper, there’s a good chance that a Cross writing instrument is in your hand. This office supplies manufacturer has a reputation for its quality handcrafted pens and pencils. It has a rich history, beginning over 158 years ago when it began to manufacture gold and silver casings for pencils.

Trading on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX), the company has a market capitalization of 111.6M. Their headquarters is in Lincoln, Rhode Island – the state where the company first began operations. Their first manufacturing facility was in Providence. They went public on the AMEX in 1971.

Richard Cross began the company in 1846, where he parlayed his knowledge as a skilled artisan in the craft of pen and pencil making. In 1916, Walter R. Boss purchased the company. Today, his grandsons run it and continue the commitment to quality and artisanship.

Considered America’s first manufacturer of quality writing instruments, the company is even more than that. Along with their line of writing products, they make timepieces and business accessories. They also manufacture the Costa Del Mar brand of sunglasses. They distribute their products through corporate and retail gift channels.

As an award-winning manufacturer of writing instruments, the company takes their passion for quality into every area of their business. In fact, Cross has a policy that any employee in the production process has the power to reject a part or product that appears faulty. They know their reputation depends on having top-notch products leave their doors at all times.

A.T. Cross Co. recently concluded an all-cash transaction, which saw them purchase Native Eyewear, Inc. of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. Native is a manufacturer of high quality, branded, sport performance sunglasses and goggles. This purchase is another arrow in the quiver of A.T. Cross.

They continually seek ways to grow their position as one of the best designers and marketers of branded personal and business accessories. A.T. Cross, as part of the competitive office supplies landscape, knows they must continue to innovate. Their premier status, as a maker of jewelry-quality, practical writing instruments, is one they wish to maintain. They do it today like they always have, by hand, and one at a time.

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