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Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc. (RRGB) Makes Burger Making an Art

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc. is a casual dining chain with over 350 locations in the United States and Canada. Their headquarters is in Greenwood Village, Colorado, where they come up with recipes for everything from gourmet burgers to soups, appetizers, and desserts. The company sells 22 types of gourmet burgers throughout its chain, which began in 1969.

With a market capitalization of 651.3M, the company trades on NASDAQ as part of the restaurant sector. They operate corporate-owned locations as well as locations under franchise and license agreements. As part of the ultra-competitive restaurant market, they strive to offer their customers unique, family-friendly dining experiences with tasteful gourmet burgers as their focal point.

The company began as Sam’s Tavern in the 1940s – a place near the University of Washington. The owner, Sam, was a member of a barbershop quartet and loved to sing, “When the red robin goes bob, bob, bobbin along”. He decided to change the name of his tavern to Sam’s Red Robin. Eventually the name just became Red Robin. From there, the company grew and went public on July 19, 2002.

The company, aside from its specialty burgers, has an excellent reputation for its Bottomless Steak Fries. They also offer patrons’ specialty beverages from their Mad Mixology lineup, and promote their Unbridled Acts program with their employees. This program encourages employees’ to bestow random acts of kindness on guests and fellow workers.

They also know how to get the word out about their company in unique ways. In 2005, they set up a Freckled Lemonade Stand – their signature drink – in Times Square and handed out free metro subway cards to people who stopped by. They are a recipient of the People and Performance Award (PAPA) for their excellent employee recognition programs. Red Robin continues to serve up great burgers and great hospitality side by side in their North American restaurants.

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