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Astro-Med Inc. (ALOT) Knows Good Things Come in Threes

Astro-Med Inc. is a company that engages in the manufacture of products in three different categories: high-quality specialty printing systems; electronic medical instrumentation; and test and measurement instruments. Their products find use in industrial, scientific, and medical applications.

The company’s three divisions are Astro-Med Test & Measurement, Grass Technologies, and QuickLabel Systems. These three divisions use three different sales and marketing teams. However, the same engineering, manufacturing, and administrative workforce serves these three divisions. This allows the company to operate with efficiency. These three divisions serve the test and measurement, neurophysiological testing, and packaging identification industries, respectively.

The company began in 1969 as Atlan-Tol, a manufacturer of industrial tools. In 1983, Atlan-Tol incorporated Astro-Med as a wholly owned subsidiary and sold 20 percent of the Astro Med stock to the public. Today, the company continues to grow through their divisions, and is one of the world’s major suppliers of sleep systems and other neurophysiological monitoring systems. They are also a world leader in short-run label printing applications. In addition, they are a market leader in the data acquisition and recording market, where they develop and manufacture recording systems.

Their divisions break down as such:

The company’s Astro-Med Test & Measurement Product Group designs, manufactures, and markets data acquisition instruments and supplies for the aerospace, automotive, defense, metal-mill, pulp and paper mill, transportation, and general industrial markets.

The Grass Technologies Product Group designs, manufactures, and markets products that measure and analyze the electrical activity of the brain. These products are hardware and software systems specially developed for several neurological testing applications.

Their QuickLabel Systems Product Group designs, manufactures, and sells systems for producing labels. These systems print short runs of custom labels in-house.

Through their direct sales/service offices in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the U.K., Astro-Med continues to get their product out. Their products sell through approximately 93 authorized distributors. The company has its headquarters in West Warwick, Rhode Island, where they continue to innovate and create for shareholder value.

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