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Asia Time Corp. (AMEX:TYM) Enters Prosperity

Asia Time Corporation, a Chinese timepiece manufacturer, was featured in a trade alert issued today by Beacon Equity. The stock has traded from $4.50 to over $5.00 in just a few sessions, with indicators pointing toward a continuation of momentum.

The company’s first quarter financial results were impressive, showing a marked improvement across the board, as compared to those of a year ago. Revenues hit $36.8 million, with a net income of $2.4 million, greatly superseding last year’s Q1 revenues of $21.1 million, and net loss of $193,000.

With a market cap of a mere $126.8 million, Asia Time Corporation is a subject of intrigue for many investors, and appears to be building strength as a company at an alarming rate. According to the Beacon Equity report, “The company attributes the increases to a portfolio of diversified products with higher selling prices, flexible and extended credit terms, and a targeted marketing strategy.”

Whatever way you choose to slice it, Asia Time Corporation has entered a period of significant prosperity.

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