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Alliance Imaging Inc. (AIQ) Sees the Big Picture for its Shareholders

Alliance Imaging Inc. is a provider of shared-service and fixed-site diagnostic imaging services. Founded in 1983, they provide imaging and therapeutic services to hospitals and other providers of healthcare on a shared and full-time service basis. The company is part of the Medical Laboratories and Research industry and has headquarters in Anaheim, California.

With a current market capitalization of $469.49M, Alliance Imaging trades on the NYSE. Their services include the use of their imaging systems and management of day-to-day shared-service and fixed-site diagnostic imaging operations. They can also provide quality technologists, equipment selection, equipment maintenance, and equipment upgrades.

Alliance Imaging delivers comprehensive MRI, CT, SPECT, and PET (Positron Emission Tomography) services. Their imaging programs reside at large university teaching hospitals, community medical centers, physician groups and outpatient imaging centers across the U.S. They have approximately 484 diagnostic imaging systems of which 88 are fixed-site systems. They also have 12 radiation therapy centers, and 79 PET or PET/CT (Computed Tomography) systems.

The company offers management expertise, market analysis assessment, logistics and site planning, IT interfacing, and integration with their clients’ day-to-day operations services. Alliance Imaging’s supplementary services include marketing support, education, training, and billing assistance. They perform approximately one million scans each year, serving more than 1,000 clients in 43 states.

Alliance Imaging Inc. has regional offices across the United States. Each regional office has location-specific dedicated operations with sales and customer support staff as required for each unique locale. Each regional office has received accreditation from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Alliance Imaging Inc. continues to see the big picture for their shareholders as they continue to innovate and provide their diagnostic imaging equipment and services to healthcare facilities around the country.

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