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Acorn Energy (ACFN) Subsidiary Receives Frost & Sullivan 2010 Oil & Gas Industry Innovation of the Year Award

US Sensor Systems Inc. is a subsidiary of Acorn Energy, which designs, manufactures and sells fiber optic sensing systems and solutions for the energy and defense industries. Acorn Energy’s other subsidiaries include CoaLogix, Coreworx, DSIT and GridSense.

US Sensor Systems announced today that Frost & Sullivan – the world leader in technology, market, customer, and economic research – has selected the US Sensor System Geophone sensor for its 2010 Technology Innovation of the Year Award for Fiber Optic Sensor Technology for the oil and gas industry. The award will formally be presented in November 2010.

US Sensor Systems’ new fiber optic sensors, powered only by light, are designed to detect intrusions, pipeline leaks, strain and seismic waves. These sensors will be replacing the existing 50-year old copper wire-based sensors that are in widespread use throughout the global oil exploration and production industry.

The industry recognizes the need for low-cost, permanently installed sensors to enable enhanced oil and gas recovery techniques. The current technology is too costly and too unreliable for permanent installations. With no electronic components subject to failure and no electric power required, the company’s sensors provide an ideal solution while reducing costs.

For further information on US Sensor Systems, please visit its website at or the website of Acorn Energy at

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