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Accentia BioPharmaceuticals Inc. (ABPI) is “One to Watch”

Accentia BioPharmaceuticals Inc.’s corporate mission is to identify, develop, and market innovative biopharmaceuticals to alleviate human suffering caused by disease. Trading on the NASDAQ Capital Market, the company has their headquarters in Tampa, Florida. They are a vertically integrated company focused on late-stage specialty pharmaceuticals and biologics for targeted therapeutics.

The Hopkins Capital Group, LLC and their affiliates formed Accentia BioPharmaceuticals Inc. The company consists of two wholly-owned subsidiaries, and a majority, controlling interest in a third company. Accentia works with physicians, insurers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to further premier drug development and patient care. They focus their efforts in the U. S. and in Europe.

Accentia engages in the commercialization of those targeted therapeutics in patent-protected drug delivery technologies. They focus on respiratory, oncology, and critical care. Targeted therapeutics can be synthetic chemicals or naturally occurring products called biologics. These include nucleotides, peptides, cytokines, monoclonal antibodies, or cells, which restrict their action to specific cellular targets. This reduces accompanying damage such as toxicity, while boosting effectiveness.

Accentia BioPharmaceuticals is working to achieve growth through mergers and acquisitions of companies, product acquisitions, and in-licensing of late-stage development products. They are currently completing clinical development and obtaining regulatory approval for SinuNase and BiovaxID. SinuNase™ is an amphotericin B suspension that is self-administered into a patient’s nasal cavity for the treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis. BiovaxID is a cancer immunotherapy vaccine for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

The company intends to complete their Phase 3 clinical trials for SinuNase. Through their majority-owned subsidiary, Biovest International Inc, they plan to do the same for their BiovaxID. They also plan to gain regulatory approvals for these two products in the United States and the European Union.

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