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Dutton Associates Featured Company: Hi-Shear Technology Corp. (AMEX: HSR)

Hi-Shear Technology Corporation (AMEX: HSR) is a designer and manufacturer of pyrotechnic, mechanical, and electronic products for the aerospace industry, national defense and other applications where pyrotechnic power is desirable. Their advanced systems and products are used worldwide in space exploration vehicles, satellites, launch vehicles, defensive and offensive missile systems, tactical weapons, and first-line fighter aircraft.

The company’s innovative products include ultra-low shock and electric separation mechanisms, dual-channel safe arm fire devices, and acoustic firing units and the code transmitters to activate them. By developing such products and advanced systems, Hi-Shear has enabled men to land on the moon, rovers to explore the planet Mars, and humans to occupy the international space station in orbit.

Hi-Shear is the established main source for the NASA Standard Initiator (NSI) used for all initiation functions on the space shuttle. The NSI performs from an incredible low temperature of -420 degrees Fahrenheit to as high as +320 degrees Fahrenheit, and only NASA distributes the NSI.

The NASA Standard Detonator (NSD) is used for all detonating functions on the space shuttle. Hi-Shear is the primary qualified source for these detonators, which are a combined NASA Standard Initiator with a hermetically sealed detonating module. Hi-Shear detonators are designed to transfer shock waves and high pressure energies for initiating detonating trains, shielded mild detonating cord (SMDC), flexible confined detonating cord (FCDC), and other linear explosive lines. These are just a few products that Hi-Shear has supplied to various high-level agencies throughout the United States.

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