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ZAGG, Inc. (ZAGG) is “One to Watch”

ZAGG, Inc. is focused on offering consumers and professionals innovative ways to improve their relationships with the gadgets they depend on daily. The company is a leading provider of films, skins, audio and power solutions that protect, personalize, and enhance the mobile experience. Their products are distributed worldwide with popular, award-winning brands such as the invisibleSHIELD®, ZAGGskins™, ZAGGsparq™, ZAGGbuds™, ZAGG LEATHERskins™, and ZAGGmate™.

The company’s flagship product, the invisibleSHIELD, is made from a protective film covering that was originally designed to protect the rotary blades of military helicopters. ZAGG markets this same film product for protecting electronic devices from every day wear and tear. Currently, the company offers over 5,000 precision pre-cut invisibleSHIELD designs with a lifetime replacement warranty through online channels, big-box retailers, electronics specialty stores, resellers, college bookstores, Mac stores, and mall kiosks.

ZAGG is constantly expanding its product offering, focusing on innovative products and services that be targeted towards existing customers. Because many of the products sold are device specific, the company is able to identify what type of device they have and develop specific marketing plans to sell additional products including power supplies, car chargers, ear buds and other accessory items. As the brand continues to develop, ZAGG aims to enter additional complementary industries.

As sales of electronics continue to grow, it is only natural for sales of complimentary products to continue to increase as well. Four of the largest areas of ZAGG’s market opportunities relate to sales of iPods, cellular telephones, digital cameras and tablet computing devices. According to industry sources, over 48.7 million iPods, 47.4 million iPhones, and 14.7 million iPads were sold by Apple last year. Worldwide, it estimated that over 1.38 billion cell phones and over 109.9 million digital cameras were sold. ZAGG is well positioned to serve all of these markets with its superior products.

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