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ZBB Energy Corp. (ZBB) Awarded Million Dollar Contract from the Navy for Energy Storage System

ZBB Energy Corp., the leading developer of intelligent, renewable energy power platforms, announced today that they will provide the US Navy with a 1000kWH / 500kW-rated energy storage system for use in a micro-grid application at the San Nicolas Island Naval Facility in the Catalina Islands, near Los Angeles, California. The system will utilize ZBB’s newly branded EnerSystem(TM) technologies, comprised of ZBB’s Power & Energy Control Center (PECC) and next generation Version 3 Zinc Bromide flow battery modules.

ZBB’s technology EnerSystem (TM) will be tested and certified to maintain power quality and perform load management for off peak power of the wind turbines and diesel electric power plant power delivery system at the Naval facility. The ZBB Version 3 flow battery is designed to serve as an advanced electrical energy storage device, constructed from environmentally-friendly materials that provide a long service life and advanced performance when compared with traditional chemical batteries, particularly in challenging environmental and operational applications like military base micro-grids.

“We look forward to working with the Navy to showcase the capabilities of ZBB’s third generation flow battery storage and integrated power electronics. This application is a great example of how cost effective power electronics and storage will deliver key integration, management and fuel saving benefits to the DoD,” said Eric Apfelbach, President & CEO of ZBB Energy in a press release on Friday.

The ZBB EnerSystem(TM) will be used continuously in an ongoing operational mode to minimize diesel gen set runtime in conjunction with wind turbines and future PV arrays on the island. The base’s overall system will focus on the power control for micro-grid stability, quality, and load leveling needs on the base. This is the first time that an advanced energy storage system is being tested with large-scale renewable sources, in conjunction with actual load management and generator plant control schemes in a micro-grid application in North America. Successful tests and certification will make this technology available to more wide spread Navy use.

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