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Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) Primed for Yellowcake Spot Price Recovery

Uranium Energy is a U.S.-based uranium mining and exploration company operating its fully licensed Hobson Processing Plant as the core of all its South Texas projects, including the Palangana in-situ recovery (ISR) mine, the permitted Goliad ISR project, and the development-stage Burke Hollow ISR project. In addition, Uranium Energy controls a pipeline of advanced-stage projects in Arizona, Colorado and Paraguay. By utilizing the Hobson facility, Uranium Energy has eliminated the need to construct a new onsite processing plant for each project.

Billions of dollars are invested in nuclear projects around the world, and while many uranium plays like Cameco Corp. (NYSE:CCJ) maintain chief projects abroad, Uranium Energy is among several other U.S.-focused companies, including Uranium Resources, Inc. (NASDAQ:URRE).

Uranium Energy also controls one of the nation’s largest databases of historic uranium exploration and development, which the company uses to acquire and advance exploration of merit throughout the southwestern U.S., a region that has historically been the most concentrated area for uranium mining in the states. With the use of these historical exploration databases, the company identifies acquisition targets that were previously the subject of significant exploration and development by senior energy companies.

Last month Uranium Energy reported the $3.08 million sale of the majority of its uranium inventory at a sale price of $38.50 per pound, 8.5 percent higher than the spot price. As the uranium industry continues its recovery from the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster and falling uranium prices in 2014, long-term forecasts call for $49 a pound; and Uranium Energy appears to be positioned to capitalize on anticipated market price recovery. Since the company’s production is unhedged and therefore separated from fixed-price contracts, it has wiggle room to wait for a spot price recovery as it ramps up production at Palangana.

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