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Tactical Strategy, Project Locations Put Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) on the Radar

Uranium prices are expected to bound higher in the next five years and, in the wake of such forecasts, Uranium Energy Corp., which controls one of the largest databases of historic uranium exploration and development in the country, is advancing its development and exploration properties of merit in Texas, Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming.

The southwestern U.S. historically has been the nation’s most concentrated area for uranium mining, and UEC is in the prime spot to take advantage of its fruit. In South Texas, specifically, UEC has a centrally located processing plant and six projects – two of which are fully permitted for production and a third advancing through the permitting process.

UEC’s proven strategy is to leverage its historical exploration databases to target acquisition properties that once were the subject of significant exploration and development by senior energy companies in the past. With this formula, UEC continues to aggressively maintain its reputation as an emerging in-situ recovery (ISR) uranium producer with a record of developing projects all the way through low-cost production.

In addition to its interests in the U.S., UEC has ongoing interests abroad in Paraguay, where UEC controls one of the largest in-situ recoverable property positions in the world with approximately 750,000 acres of prospective area.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (“IAEA”) earlier this year completed technical programs designed to support future exploration and development of uranium resources in the country. UEC’s Asuncion-based technical staff participated and contributed to the technical courses and led site visits to the company’s development-stage Oviedo and exploration-stage Yuty ISR uranium projects. Additionally, UEC opened its Yuty and Oviedo uranium ISR projects to the course, including reviews of uraniferous outcrops, cores, monitoring wells and reclaimed drill sites.

With all the proper gears in place, UEC is positioned to capitalize on the global demand for uranium, more energy, cheaper energy and a cleaner environment. Uranium prices are forecast to spring 80 percent higher to $64.64 a pound by 2018, according to the median of four analysts’ forecasts compiled by Bloomberg, and UEC is earning its spot as a viable investment consideration.

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