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Zep Inc. (ZEP) Business Addresses Essential Consumer, Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial Needs

Zep Inc. (ZEP) Business Addresses Essential Consumer, Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial Needs

People tend to take cleaning and hygiene for granted. The visual appearance of a work space or a home is of more than cosmetic importance. All manners of pathogenic microbes can lurk in dirt and grime. Professional cleaning and removal of infectious agents is integral to workplace and home safety levels. The Personal & Household Products Industry is of interest to stock investors who would like presences in areas of relatively assured demand.

This company deals with all customers, big and small. It addresses all cleaning and infection control needs, from individual dwelling units to multiple sites of large organizations. It has a broad range of products, including pesticides of various kinds. Customers can buy products for direct use, or ask for comprehensive cleaning services. The company also puts its brands on top retail chain shelves. The latter includes Home Depot and Wal-Mart.

The company is relatively new but has already established business in various parts of North America and Western Europe. It has addressed market share objectives with unusual vigor, and has quickly established images of quality and reliability. It has an encouraging Gross Margin of over 50%, and is set for rapid business expansion. The company got 2008 off to a racy start with a large contract from the US Communities Government Purchasing Alliance.

Institutions own more than 90% of the stock. The company represents an excellent stock investment opportunity within the Consumer/Non-Cyclical Sector. The stock traded at $16.25 on March 03, 2008, less than $1.50 away from passing its peak price of $17.41.

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