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Yucheng Technologies Ltd. (YTEC) Launches FIP e-Banking Interface to Reduce Digital Identity Theft

Yucheng Technologies Ltd. provides IT services to financial service providers in China. The company yesterday announced it has put into action a Top Four bank’s e-banking VIP interface, combining heightened network security and an easy-to-use system designed to increase customer satisfaction and usage.

Serving more than 25 of China’s top banks, Yucheng is looking to provide its high-net worth clients with the most effective level of online security. As the recession plows through its 21st month, global identity fraud has increased to alarming levels. The company’s goal is to reduce the risk of digital identity theft and fraudulent account access with an interface that offers comfort and convenience for online banking customers.

“By deploying state-of-the-art technology and consistently evolving our functionality ahead of market demands, Yucheng has ensured that our e-banking solutions lead the industry. The new e-banking VIP interface represents another milestone in our solution leadership, as we strive to provide the highest quality, easiest to use and most secure solutions to our clients,” Weidong Hong, CEO of Yucheng stated in the press release.

The e-banking interface, or “virtual branch,” resembles a visual depiction of an actual bank, where customers can transfer funds, exercise wealth and account management, monitor credit card transactions, and various other banking features.

Initially launched in 2005, Yucheng’s e-banking platform has grown to offer personal, corporate, and with today’s announcement, VIP interfaces. Each interface is tailored to provide the services and products for a target audience while using core technology to limit reduplication and maintenance costs.

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