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Yongye International’s (YONG) Products and Innovative Farming Methods Featured on China Central Television Segment

Yongye International Inc., a leading manufacturer, developer and distributor of agricultural nutrient products in China, was recently featured as an “innovative and effective agricultural model” by China Central Television’s (CCTV) Economic Channel on the Economic News program.

The seven-minute segment highlighted the company’s “Shengmingsu” branded plant nutrient product and unique branded store business model, and described how innovative agricultural efforts have helped Chinese farmers improve productivity and overcome adverse weather conditions.

The report included interviews with several farmers’ discussing their experience with Yongye’s Shengmingsu branded plant nutrient products and the company’s efforts to help assist the farmers in improving yields in rural areas. Several top national agricultural experts were also cited in the news program, highlighting the importance for methods to improve crop yields and support systems.

Yongye said the attention received from CCTV’s Economic Channel reflects the company’s efforts to drive innovative and effective farming products to Chinese farmers.

“We are delighted to see that Yongye’s Shengmingsu plant nutrient product and branded store business model have successfully helped farmers improve their harvest during a year beset with challenging growing conditions in certain areas of China,” Zishen Wu, chairman and CEO of Yongye stated in the press release. “We also feel very proud of this CCTV recognition. CCTV is the most influential TV network in China and owned by the Chinese government and thus far, our success story has been reported by CCTV’s Economic Channel, Agriculture Channel and International News Channel, all of which is a strong testament to our contribution to the Chinese rural economy.”

The replay of the report can be found on Yongye’s Web site at or on the CCTV Web site at

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