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Yasheng Group (YHGG.QB) Starts Trading Common Stock on OTCQB Stock Market

The Yasheng Group is a young entity that has started to establish a name for their company among investors. Located in Redwood City, California, the Yasheng Group is a diversified agriculture conglomerate with their core business focused on hi-tech agriculture which takes advantage of Yasheng’s use of extensive fertile lands in China. Today, the Yasheng Group took a major step towards prominence with the announcement their common stock will be traded on the OTCQB Stock Market.

This move by Yasheng is a prime indicator the corporation may move to a senior U.S. securities exchange in the future as the company’s management continues to explore all options before advising shareholders which may be the best direction.

One of the leaders of the Yasheng Group is Zhou Changsheng who serves as the company’s Chairman. Commenting on what this move will mean to the future of the Yasheng Group, Changsheng was quoted as saying, “Yasheng Group’s subsidiaries have been consistently growing in China for three decades. The upgrade to the OTCQB is a reflection of the growth of our company and recognition of our commitment to our shareholders to provide them with full and complete financial information on a regular basis as required by the United States securities laws and regulations.”

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