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XcelMobility Inc. (XCLL) Announces Contract with ZTE to Introduce Wireless Products to Chinese Marketplace

XcelMobility Inc., a developer of high speed web browsing solutions and related performance enhancing products for mobile devices, today announced a contract with ZTE Corp. of China to install the Mach 5 Xcelerator on an initial run of 1 million wireless devices for China Unicom, third largest mobile provider in the world. The agreement is for ZTE to help introduce Xcel products to the Chinese market; if successful, projections are for installation of up to 30 million units per year.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity to really fast-track the introduction of our products to an ever wider audience through the auspices of an exceptional global partner like ZTE. The culture at ZTE is based on innovation that responds to market drivers and this represents a tremendous opportunity for us to work with a partner with a similar outlook regarding the future of mobility. We anticipate very competitive consumer pricing and the public can expect product availability shortly,” said Ryan Ge, CEO, XcelMobility Inc in a press statement.

XcelMobility creates applications and solutions that deliver high speed internet access to cellular and smart phones, tablets, and mobile computers. Its flagship product, the Mach 5 Xcelerator, has been independently tested by some of the world’s largest cellular carriers, including Nokia, Sony, China Unicom, NTT Docomo, and Ericsson. All have found that the Mach 5 software, either through a download or embedded by cellular manufacturers, provides 5 to 10 times faster speeds than standard mobile web browsers used for browsing, downloads, videos and email. Xcel Mobility uses patented software and algorithms to compress voice and data transmissions both on mobile devices and on servers strategically located throughout China, Japan, and Hong Kong. Presently, there are over 1.3 million users and the number is growing.

Xcel believes that the Asia marketplace is the best option for focusing commercialization efforts prior to a product roll out on a global scale. ZTE Corp., China’s largest publicly listed telecom equipment company, brings the industry’s most comprehensive product range of end-to-end solutions and expertise in the telecommunications sector to over 500 operators in more than 140 countries around the globe.

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