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Wowjoint Holdings Ltd. (BWOW) Announces Primary Cooperation Agreements; 9 Patent Applications for New Technologies in US and China

Located in Beijing, Wowjoint has quickly earned a reputation as a leading provider of customized heavy duty lifting and carrying machinery used in such infrastructure projects as railway, bridge and highway construction. Today, Wowjoint took a major step towards prominence with the announcement of primary cooperation agreements to develop its new railway work testing vehicles with two Railway Bureaus.

The company also announced the applications of 9 patents in China and the US for its new technologies. With the application of these patents, Wowjoint estimates that contracts for equipment utilizing its launching carrier technology will be $22 million. This news and utilization of technology could make Wowjoint a major force.

Leading the way at Wowjoint, is Mr. Yabin Liu. Liu was quoted as saying, “As the expansion and growth of high-speed railways continue in both China and internationally, and as renovation projects for existing bridges accelerate, we are focused on developing new equipment and technology to build and service these projects. Hopefully our special machine is a product that will be extremely useful within the U.S. market due to the numerous freeway overpasses and the renovation occurring are various highway bridges. Our collaboration with the railway contractors will contribute to the adoption and use of our new products, as we continue to work on diversifying our revenue stream.”

Currently, Wowjoint is trading in the $3.89 range. With this breaking news and a strong management team in place, Wowjoint is a company on the rise.

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