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Workstream, Inc. (WSTM) is “One to Watch”

Workstream, Inc. offers businesses on-demand compensation, performance and talent management solutions and services that help manage their employees’ entire lifecycles from recruitment to retirement. The Company’s TalentCenter, known as the first “Talent Management 2.0” offering, is a powerful suite of applications that provides a unified view of all Workstream products and services including Recruitment, Performance, Compensation, Development and Transition.

The TalentCenter has built-in support for 10 languages and a number of currencies, making it an effective program throughout the world. The software runs through a Web 2.0 user interface and provides advanced analytics and dashboards while offering new functionality and enhanced usability in a single, on-demand offering. The unparalleled ease of navigation makes the suite highly productive and effortless to use.

The company’s Workstream Professional was developed for mid-sized businesses and features a quick and affordable setup. The software enables businesses to streamline all key HR processes, saving 30-40% when compared to manual processes. Workstream Professional is highly configurable, allowing businesses to custom tailor the software to their unique business needs.

Workstream’s unique on-demand solution delivery model allows businesses to quickly realize a return on their investment, as well as reduce costs and increase productivity. Workstream is the premier provider of enterprise and mid-market talent management solutions, and the only company providing a solution to address the complete employee lifecycle. Because Workstream’s solutions are easy to use and readily accessible, they are an attractive alternative to the multiple, non-integrated enterprise systems required to deliver similar functionality.

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