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Wonder Auto Technology Inc. (WATG) Brings China’s Automobile Industry Growth to NASDAQ

China continues to need vast numbers of new automobiles. This is the driving force behind a company engaged in supplying electric car parts in the country. This company, which is listed on NASDAQ, has a strong presence in the China Electronic Instrumentation & Controls Industry. The management has chosen to specialize in components for small and mid-sized cars.

One of the operating subsidiaries owned by this small capital stock has just won a large, four-year contract from an OEM entity. The holding company emphasizes Green Business initiatives, and this guides new product development efforts by all its subsidiaries. Management is ready with an array of 12 new products, some jointly developed with clients, and all of which meet new fuel efficiency norms in China.

Gross Profit for the quarter ended December 2007 has grown annually by an astonishing 93%. Sales growth and Gross Margin improvement were behind these spectacular business results. Exports have doubled during the quarter. The management is confident that its strategic progress during all of 2007 will sustain during the midterm. The combination of a large domestic market in China and significant international demand bode well for this company.

The stock price has risen to almost $8 in April 2008 against a 52-week low of just over $5. The Price to Earnings Ration remains below 13. The market capitalization is around $209 million. The stock is an excellent opportunity for American investors to take advantage of the economic growth in China, from the security of NASDAQ.

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