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Willamette Valley Vineyards Inc. (WVVI) – A Sublime Answer to Asset Valuation Quandaries of Stock Investors

All arable land is precious. The planet simply does not have enough of it, especially prized vineyard lands. It takes a blend of suitable soil and human investments to produce top-quality wine. Specialist wine lovers can tell beverage from one part of the world from others. Some harvests are better than others. Even doctors advise some patients the occasional glass of wine. This company has some 300 acres of some of the most coveted wine producing land in the world. The April 2008 nominal market capitalization of this company is less than $34 million. Discerning investors will recognize the large potential of this small capital stock right away.

The pedigree of wine is a subjective matter. Many brands from emerging countries fail to penetrate the relatively closed market for this genre of alcoholic beverage. However, this company has established an enviable image and following within a comparatively short period. It has strong positions in the higher price points of the market. The company networks with neighboring growers for supplies, apart from processing its own grapes.

Green stock investors will be pleased to know that this company is visibly committed to environmental conservation. All its lands are certified as being sustainable, safe for salmon, and compliant with Low Input Viticulture and Enology (LIVE) standards. It uses cork certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as stoppers. The company has also moved to a new office location in Oregon to reduce resources used by employees in commuting to work. The new site incidentally takes the company physically closer to prime customer groups.

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