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Wave Systems Corp. (WAVX) Joins Prominent Industry Leaders with Permanent Seat on Board of TCG

Wave Systems (Nasdaq: WAVX) provides software solutions for enterprise PC security challenges such as data protection, authentication, network access control and the management of each function. Today the company announced it has accepted an invitation to join a permanent seat on Trusted Computing Group’s board of directors.

Wave will join permanent members AMD, HP, IBM, Infineon, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Sun and Seagate Technology on the board, and will upgrade its membership status to “Promoter.”

“On behalf of the Trusted Computing Group, I’m pleased to announce the addition of Wave Systems as a permanent member of the board and a valued “promoter” company,” Scott Rotondo, TCG’s president and chairman stated in the press release.”Wave has distinguished itself as an ardent and vocal advocate of trusted computing and has dutifully carried the torch in promoting standards-based security.”

As a permanent board member, Wave will assist in the guidance of TCG’s work groups as they create specifications to protect PCs against attacks, data loss and theft. Wave’s superior membership status will enable it to take a more integral and active role in the development, definition and promotion of security technologies.

Wave is now eligible to serve on and chair the TCG board of directors, work groups and special committees, and is able to submit revisions and addendum proposals for specifications with design guides; and may review and comment on design guides prior to their adoption.

Wave has served consecutive one-year terms on the TCG board since 2005. Its new membership status will allow it to serve on and chair TCG’s board of directors, work groups and special committees. It will also be able to submit revisions, comments and proposals for the design guides.

“It’s gratifying to see how far trusted computing has advanced in the five years since Wave signed on to be part of the TCG,” Berger stated. “In that time, well over 100 million PCs have shipped containing the security chips for which the TCG developed and defined specifications. Today, organizations across many vertical markets have deployed trusted computing for authentication, network security and data protection. We’re grateful to assume added responsibility in helping this organization bring forth open standards that impact every aspect of security today.”

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