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Vista Gold Corp. (VGZ) Reports Solid Results on Mt. Todd Gold Opportunity in Northern Territories, Australia

It is often said that the quiet ones are the ones to watch. They go about their business with little noise or capital expense, then all of a sudden “pop” with profit. It is always difficult to spot these companies since they don’t attract much attention. If an investor can spot such a company, however, large rewards may arrive.

Vista Gold Corp., a precious metals explorer and extractor, works to identify and exploit gold, silver and copper resources. It works primarily in the United States, Australia, Mexico and Indonesia.

As the company moves forward, it has become increasingly optimistic about its Northern Territory, Australia Mt. Todd project. The project has undergone the most accepted Canadian testing to verify solid potential. After extensive testing, the accepted results indicate the potential for a 15.2 year gold mine life, 4.5 million ounces, cost of AU$453 per/ounce, average production over the first three years of 276,000 oz., using a cost basis of US$750 per/oz. sale price.

Although an investor may feel that a company needs to be large to succeed, they may come to understand that, in some instances, a company that is “prospecting” at the margins may hold opportunity. Vista Gold Corp. may fit this bill. The company has limited expose to capital requirements but has had large subscription turn-out where private placement for capital needs is concerned. Generally speaking, this is an indication that something, in a gold finding sense, is “afoot.” This may be pure speculation but nonetheless a speculation that might be paid attention to. If Vista Gold can pull out a win with its Mt. Todd project, there will be winners all around.

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