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Vista Gold Corp. (VGZ) is Focusing on their Vision for the Future

Vista Gold Corp. (VGZ) is a company with a vision for their shareholders. As part of the gold mining sector, they acquire, and work to bring to production, proven gold projects. With headquarters in Littleton, Colorado, they extend their reach around the world to give shareholders value.

Vista trades on the AMEX and TSX. They have a market capitalization of $161.5M. Since 2001, they have diligently sought and acquired gold projects, which they seek to develop to profitable production. Vista Gold Corp. ventures to do this in three ways: Develop projects themselves; sell projects for a profit to others; and engage in joint ventures with other mining companies.

Vista believes the current high gold price is making some of their projects ripe for further development and operation. Their goal is to bring their most advanced projects to a decision-making point – the decision being to get them into production. Vista knows time is of the essence to take advantage of the current market for gold.

Their holdings are varied. They own the Paredones Amarillos and Guadalupe de los Reyes projects in Mexico. The Paredones project is moving forward to the production stage. Vista is looking at development that will garner 130,000 to 150,000 ounces of gold production a year from this project.

Vista also has holdings in other countries. They have the Mt. Todd project in Australia and the Awak Mas project in Indonesia. In Bolivia, their holding is the Amayapampa project. In the United States, they hold the Yellow Pine project in Idaho and the Long Valley project in California.

Vista Gold Corp.’s management team has many years of experience in the mining sector. Michael B. Richings, their Executive Chairman, CEO, and director, has 35 years of experience in the mining industry in development and operations. He is a past President of Atlas Corporation. Frederick H. Earnest is Vista’s President, COO, and Director, and has 20 years of mining industry experience, most recently as president of Pacific Rim El Salvador.

Vista Gold Corp. continues to investigate and explore new mining opportunities around the globe. They are working hard to bring their current holdings to full production as well. They see a vision for the future that they believe can bring great return on investment for their shareholders.

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