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Versar, Inc. (VSR) Signs $7.6M Contract to Support EPA’s Pesticide Program

Versar, Inc., the Springfield, VA-based purveyor of professional services supporting homeland defense, infrastructure and management with a key emphasis on environmental compliance, announced recently the award of a $7.6M, 5-year contract analyzing chemistry data.

This contract with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA), Health Effects Division (HED), Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) calls for a comprehensive evaluation of extant data on pesticide products and residue, increasing VSR’s ongoing Exposure and Risk Assessment Division-managed contracts to six.

CEO of VSR Tony Otten commented on this further extension of the Company’s backlogs, calling it a vital new contract which, while nothing unusual considering a two-decade track record of work between VSR and the EPA”s pesticides programs, is a great opportunity for the Company to move “into new areas and scientific disciplines”.

The review of pesticide chemistry data outlined by the contract will be used to validate registration and re-registration of pesticides, shoring up what is one of EPA’s highest priority segments for characterizing community’s chemical exposure risk by creating a database and technical presentations to support the OPP’s regulatory mandates.

Otten also emphasized VSR’s unique skill set and capabilities for such a project, and the Company’s ability to bring to bear a wide range of innovative approaches and rigorous analytical methodologies in supporting EPA’s role of protecting the citizenry from dangerous environmental exposure.

This contract affords a lucrative new opportunity for VSR to employ its world-class team of Certified Project Management Professionals in a role which both serves the public weal and offers the Company a chance to further increase returns for its investors.

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