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VanceInfo Technologies, Inc. (VIT) Announces Opening of China Development Center for 3M China

VanceInfo Technologies (VIT), based in Shanghai, China, is an IT service provider and an offshore software development company. The company’s wide range of IT services include research and development services; enterprise solutions; application development and maintenance; quality assurance and testing; and globalization and localization. VanceInfo provides these services primarily to corporations headquartered in the United States, Europe, Japan and China, targeting high growth industries such as technology, telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, retail and distribution.

The company recently announced the opening of a China Development Center (CDC) in Shanghai specifically designed for 3M China. In the newly established CDC, VanceInfo’s application development and IT services team will provide 3M china with IT services and consulting support. This support will include eBusiness application development, data/warehousing/business intelligence, and enterprise solutions.

3M China, established in 1984, became the first foreign invested company in China outside of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Today, eBusiness solutions have become an integral part of 3M China’s internal and external business processes. VanceInfo designed the CDC specifically for 3M China with the goal of enabling the group’s IT department to support the rapid growth 3M is experiencing in China and the region. The company has built, and currently operates, CDCs for many multinational corporations in industries as varied as technology, telecom and manufacturing.

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