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Valley Forge Makes “Quantum Leap” in Detection Technology

COVINGTON, Ky. (July 30, 2007) — Valley Forge Technologies Inc., developer and manufacture of next generation detection and aerospace systems, announced today it has received clearance by NASD Inc. to trade on the Bulletin Boards under the symbol VLYF.

“Getting our common stock trading represents a milestone in the evolution of our company. This enables us to capitalize on our plan for rapid growth and respond to the worldwide need for our detection systems; especially our THOR LVX cargo inspection system, which is in the final stages of development and validation by various governmental agencies,” said Lou Brothers, president of Valley Forge, in a statement.

In an MN1 interview, Brothers said Valley Forge is working with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Agency, as well as the Lebedev Institute in Russia to complete the THOR LVX system.

The system uses gamma radiation, much like the technology in X-rays, but is much more powerful. THOR LVX can detect narcotics and explosives hidden in compounds and cargo, reducing the threat of terrorism in the U.S. and abroad.

“A lot of people overseas are worried about their neighbors and the growing threat of terrorism. A lot of countries really do want to inspect their cargo and know what’s crossing their border,” said Brothers. “The primary function of THOR LVX is securing airports, seaports and borders by detecting nuclear material, explosives and other types of contraband hidden in any type of cargo container, even through shielding. As the system operates at the molecular level, it has unlimited potential for detecting illicit substances and can be programmed for specialized applications.”

Additionally, Valley Forge has developed a method to detect materials in or on the human body – for use in airports or border checkpoints. ODIN is an Ultra-Low Dose Digital Radiographic Imaging System with the ability to see through the human body within three seconds – detecting materials in or on the human body.

“The real momentum – the reason we went public … is the cargo detection system, the airline check baggage and also the next generation personal screening device for airports which we call ODIN,” said the CEO.

Brothers explained that ODIN has the ability to produce quality imaging – so if a person is crossing a border or through an airport as a “drug mule,” the machine can detect anything in the body.

From here on out there may be no need to take your shoes and belt off at the airport, or to even get “the wand.” However, while Valley Forge expects to launch its technologies overseas soon, the company is still waiting for approval for use here in the states. Even while waiting for approval in the states, Brothers maintains high expectations for the company.

“We are in the process of commercializing units, getting them out to the market; we expect a very strong 2008 and end of 2007 – it should be a rip roarin’ year and we’re excited for it,” Brothers stated. “We see a lot of upside to the stock as the products are rolled out … [we see huge] demand from almost every government … we think it’s a very large market.”

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