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The Quantum Group (QGP) Announces Impressive Third Quarter Results

Make no mistake about it, the economy has not been kind to investors and with this quasi-depression we have seen, most of the “Big Boys” and “Blue Chips” on Wall Street have felt the pain. While most companies have suffered, one young company has been rapidly producing profits and moving straight ahead with its mission statement. That company is The Quantum Group.

The Quantum Group is an innovation-driven Healthcare Service Organization (HSO) that provides technology solutions through PWeR, a 21st Century Electronic Medical Records platform that has changed the outlook of the industry. With this technology in place, Quantum has become a leader in their field.

Quantum took another leap on September 22, 2009 when they announced their third quarter financial results for the 2009 fiscal year. Quantum reported an increase in revenues of approximately 134% to $10,454,969, compared to $4,459,362 for the same quarter in fiscal year 2008. Coupled with this positive news, Quantum has exceeded the preliminary revenue guidance released on August 12, 2009. On a sequential basis, revenues increased 26% from $8,308,967 in the second quarter of fiscal 2009 to $10,454,969 in the third quarter of fiscal 2009, which is an incredible feat in any economy but an outstanding one in this current market.

While Quantum is becoming a leader in their marketplace, they have outstanding leadership in the boardroom. Led by Co-Founders Noel J. Guillama, Donald Cohen and Susan Darby Gallagher, Quantum was created by three innovators who had a plan and made it successful.

Perhaps the best-known of their founders is Noel J. Guillama who serves as the company President and CEO. Guillama is a leader in and out of the business circle. A nationally recognized expert in healthcare management and operations, Guillama has a stellar reputation for his many dealings with public companies and served as Director and Vice-President of Operations for Quality Care Networks Inc. (AMEX: MDF). A proponent of education, Mr. Guillama also serves as a Director and Executive Committee Member of the Palm Beach County Community College Foundation.

When asked about the future of Quantum, Mr. Guillama was quoted as saying, “There has never been a more exciting time to be in healthcare as an innovation-driven company. We are confident that our business model, one that focuses on a comprehensive industry wide solution and creating efficiencies, is more relevant and marketable than ever. Propelled by our 21st Century Electronic Medical Record platform PWeR”

Guillama went on to say, “Efficiency by innovation is the key to our Company. We have reached a maturation point through the growth of Renaissance Health Systems that places our focus on putting operational systems and processes in place to control costs, eliminate waste and potentially harmful care. While our revenues increased 26% this quarter over the second quarter, we reduced our operating costs by 27% and we expect to continue to drive similar efficiencies going forward.”

Quantum has reported that over the past three years the company represents a revenue increase per employee of an impressive 232% and the future looks even brighter.

Currently, Quantum is trading in the $0.58 range. With positive news continually generated from the company, Quantum may be ready to make even greater strides on Wall Street. For more information on the company, visit their web site at:

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