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The Hain Celestial Group Inc. (HAIN) Offers a Smorgasbord of Products

Trading on the NASDAQ’s Global Select Market, The Hain Celestial Group is a natural and organic food and personal care products company. Headquartered in Melville, New York, the company offers a broad range of products to their customer bases in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Founded in 1993, Hain Celestial is part of the Processed and Packaged Goods industry.

The company has an impressive lineup of brands, which they manufacture, market, distribute, and sell. These include Celestial Seasonings, Terra Chips, Health Valley, West Soy, Earth’s Best, Hollywood, and Spectrum Naturals. They also include Rice Dream, Soy Dream, Yves Veggie Cuisine, Linda McCartney, Zia Natural Skincare, and Avalon Organics. These are just some of the many offerings they provide their customers.

In their Natural and Organic category, Hain Celestial offers cookies, crackers, and flour and baking mixes. They also offer cereals, pasta, baby foods, granolas, and granola bars, to name just a few of the products in this category. In addition, the company markets non-dairy beverages such as soy, rice, and oat drinks.

Hain Celestial’s snack lineup includes potato chips, vegetable chips, organic tortilla style chips, and pretzels and popcorn. In Teas, they sell herb, red, honeybush, chai, and green and black teas, among others. The company also sells meat-free veggie meats such as hot dogs, burgers and veggie meat slices.

The company has a line of freshly prepared foods that they market. These include organic sandwiches and full-plated ready-to-eat meals. Fresh prepared foods include chickens, turkeys, and turkey deli products. Another category of products that Hain Celestial offers is health and weight management products. These products are sugar-free, fructose sweetened, or low in sodium.

The Hain Celestial Group sells their extensive product range to specialty and natural food distributors and natural food stores. They also sell to supermarkets, drug stores, mass-market retailers, club stores, and food service channels. The company’s Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President, Mr. Irwin David Simon, is also the founder of the company. The company’s smorgasbord of products satisfies their diverse consumer base and their shareholders’ appetites for profits as well.

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