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The Business School Secret of Datalink Corp. (DTLK) Management Success and Stock Value

The Software & Programming Industry is a service. Stock investors would expect it to suffer as a result of a generally uncertain economy. Indeed it has lost about 5% since 2008 started, but a Beta of 0.74 makes this stock interesting.

A closer look shows appreciable business progress in trying times. Revenues have grown 17% during the Most Recent Quarter ended March 31 2008. Each diluted share earned 4 cents during the quarter against a 6-cents loss during the same period a year ago.

The company helps its industrial clients store information. Reliable back-up and easy recovery are two invaluable benefits of its systems and programs. It thereby secures vital data resources in this electronic age.

Client corporations cannot cut back on information storage and retrieval even if their business conditions are depressed. Prospects for this stock should continue to be positive throughout the ongoing period of stock market uncertainty. Management capabilities seem to extend well beyond the May 2008 market capitalization of just under $60 million. It has chosen key productivity targets for business improvement during the rest of 2008.

The stock price has peaked at $7.17 during the last 52 weeks, while it was at just $4.80 at the beginning of the last stock trading week of May 2008. The new data continuity services launched by the company make the stock worthy of investigation at this juncture.

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