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Taylor Devices Inc. (TAYD) Devises Diverse Devices

Trading on the NASDAQ Capital Market, Taylor Devices Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, and markets shock absorption, rate control, and energy storage devices. As part of the Diversified Machinery industry, they are a leading manufacturer of shock absorbers, liquid springs, shock isolation systems, seismic isolators, vibration dampers, and power-plant snubbers, among other products. Incorporated in 1955, the company’s products offer turnkey solutions to shock and vibration problems.

Taylor makes their products for use in various types of vehicles, machinery, equipment, and structures. They serve the industrial, steel mills, buildings, bridges, aerospace, defense, and automotive markets. Headquartered in North Tonawanda, New York, they have five production facilities. They provide complete analysis and testing capabilities to their customers’ to meet their specific requirements for their products.

The company has two interconnected production plants. One is for “Small Manufacturing” and the other is for “Large Manufacturing”. The Small Parts plant produces all Taylor products that are less than two inches in diameter. This plant has a complete machine shop and tool room, and a separate assembly and pre-test room.

Taylor’s Large Parts plant produces all Taylor products over two inches in diameter. This plant consists of a complete machine shop, using mainly custom-built machinery for boring, deep-hole drilling, gun drilling and turning of large parts. One of their assembly zones in this plant is a deep pit area that can assemble and pre-test products up to 45 feet in length.

The company also has their seismic damper assembly plant. It is capable of producing individual seismic protection devices up to 45 feet in length as well. Taylor also has a research and development center that is the research affiliate of Taylor Devices Inc. In addition, they have a repair and bonded storage facility that is a depot-level repairs facility for their Taylor Devices’ military products. All of the company’s production plants report to common quality control and test departments, as well as engineering staff.

Taylor Device Inc. is also a defense contractor, engaging in funded, government-directed research. Their publicly owned research affiliate, called Tayco Developments, Inc., conducts basic research, applied research, and product development. Their research activities include passive and active structural control, natural and fabricated environmental effects, fluid chemistry, interdisciplinary interfaces, seal development, structural dynamics, and vehicle control and handling.

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