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Symmetricom, Inc. (SYMM) is “One to Watch”

With headquarters in San Jose, California, Symmetricom, Inc. supplies timing and synchronization hardware, software, and services to industry, government, utilities, research centers, and aerospace markets worldwide. Trading on the NASDAQ Global Market, the Company operates in two divisions: Telecom Solutions and Timing, Test, and Measurement.

Symmetricom products provide the precise time, frequency, and synchronization signals required by a network of GPS satellites. Worldwide, the international timescale is set to sub atomic precision using Symmetricom frequency reference. The Company’s timing solutions are critical to radio navigation in coastal waters, deployment of missiles, and the seamless delivery of voice, data, and video across telecom and cable networks, and uninterrupted availability of power to millions.

Symmetricom designs, manufactures, and delivers atomic clocks, network synchronization, and timing solutions. These find use in wireline and wireless telecom networks, cable networks, space, defense and avionics systems, and enterprise IT networks. The Company’s customers include network and cable service providers, telecom and cable equipment manufacturers, and military and aerospace contractors. They also include global enterprises, and government and research facilities. Their customers are dispersed in more than 90 countries.

The Company’s Telecom Solutions Division provides global communications companies the proper synchronization required to ensure the flow of information, voice, video, or data across traditional narrowband and next generation digital broadband networks. Their Quality of Experience IP video monitoring tools meet the challenges of high bandwidth, real-time video delivery over IP networks. They do so by ensuring networks are providing the highest quality video experience for their customers.

Symmetricom’s Timing, Test, and Measurement Division offers their customers a range of Time and Frequency instrumentation solutions. These include GPS receivers, rubidium, cesium, and hydrogen maser clocks. These deliver state of the art atomic frequency references designed for ultra-precise timing, synchronization, and measurement.

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