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Switch from Detroit to China Automotive Systems Inc. (CAAS)

The status of personal transportation varies greatly by country. The United States appears in decline, while emerging economies can hardly meet bludgeoning demands. China is especially spectacular, doubling in less than the last 5 years, and exceeding even the fabled Japan in demands for cars and trucks.

The Auto & Truck Manufacturers Industry has lost more than 15% value in the last three months. Should stock investors exit? Is Detroit beyond hope? The truth is that some US automobile majors have expanded feverishly in selected foreign markets. Stock investors can copy this approach: switch investments in the domestic Auto & Truck Parts Industry to listings from other countries.

Here is a small-capital NASDAQ listing from Jingzhou City in China. It is a holding company for auto components, especially parts and systems used in steering. The stock is buttressed by some 60 satisfied clients, including world leaders in automobile manufacture. The company has operations in the United States as well, though its mainstay is the enormous market of China.

The Most Recent Quarter has been like a NASCAR of NASDAQ. Net income has raced ahead by 170%, with sales growth of 46%. The management expects to have even better results to report before it is time to display a calendar for 2009.

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