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Strategic Acquisition Set to Transform NationsHealth Inc. (NHRX) Business

Healthcare, Medicare, and health insurance blend very well together as a business model for this company. Demands for such services are expected to continue and grow even if there is a recession. The stock does not provide a return as yet, but the Gross Margin is healthy, indicating that the company will turn to profits as it grows.

Patient service is an abiding strength of this company, and is clearly inter-woven into its main qualitative aims and working methods. Medicare beneficiaries will appreciate the company’s door delivery service, help with paperwork, and facilities that do not require upfront cash amounts. Investors can expect large numbers of new customers to join this company’s services, based on word-of-mouth promotion.

The company already has an impressive resource of 41 million customers. The nature of its services means that it has high degrees of involvement directly with patients. It is therefore an important resource for the health insurance and pharmaceutical business segments, and for the government as well. Medicare is a complicated system, with new systems and procedures under development all the time. The company has demonstrated ability to work with Medicare, and derives as much as 41% of its revenues from the system.

The company is a recognized service provider for leading health insurance companies, and is routinely involved in training health insurance agents. This helps it build strong market positions against potential competitors. It is likely to remain at the vanguard of the Medicare and health insurance services in the United States.

The inorganic growth route of acquiring a diabetes equipment and supplies manufacturer is set to strengthen the company’s business further. This chronic ailment is a major cog of all Medicare beneficiaries. The expansion of the product range will help the company service its marketing and logistics infrastructure better. Investors will be glad to know that this acquisition has been funded through a long-term funding line.

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