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StockEgg Featured Company: Vivus Inc. (VVUS) Finds Late Stage Drug Approvals and Agreements with Deerfield Management

Developing a new drug is much like climbing a mountain; reaching the top is only half the battle. Once the top has been reached, the climber needs to get down again. In the pharmaceutical world, finding the drug and getting through approvals is only half the battle. The investment capital put into the process needs to be taken back out. If a company can find a partner willing to buy/license/market its drug, then the journey will be completed and profit found.

VIVUS Inc., a pharmaceutical development and commercialization company, works to address sexual, diabetic and obesity issues. The company’s product pipeline is relatively full with several products currently entering or in Phase II and III trials. All products in trial are progressing with positive results to date.

The company currently has two products available to the erectile dysfunction marketplace; MUSE and ACTICE. These products have been available for some time and maintain(ed) a solid source of revenue for the company. Qnexa is a drug designed to address both obesity and diabetes. Its Phase III trials are oriented toward the product’s obesity properties and its Phase II trials toward its diabetes properties. The company’s hypoactive sexual disorder product called Testosterone MDTS has recently finished Phase II trials and is awaiting authorization for Phase III design trial approvals.

The company has been successful in capitalizing on its products. The company’s Evamist product, and associated intellectual attachments, have been transferred and/or sublicensed by agreement to Acrux, while agreements with Deerfield Management Company have brought significant revenues and a stable stockholder to the company. From all appearances, Vivus Inc. has done its legwork while making its way through the regulatory approvals needed to capitalize on three growing markets. It has turned its products, and has more entering the later approval’s phase.

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