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Starfield Resources, Inc. (SRU) Reports Great Drilling and Survey Results

Starfield Resources Inc., – a mineral exploration and recovery firm whose current primary focus is N. American copper, nickel and platinum group elements (PGE), announced assay results today from the recently completed drilling program (including an analysis of an extensive airborne geophysical survey) at the Company’s Moonlight project in Plumas County, CA.

The detailed geophysical survey utilized DIGHEM EM; that is, a sensor array towed under a helicopter which provides optimum conductivity mapping range with high-resolution data for horizontally layered geology, including magnetic mapping at a 100-meter line spacing over 440km.

This survey validated existing hits revealed through geological analysis of rock strata at the site, as well as previous geological mapping efforts, leading to the clear identification of major structures, including the controlling structure (feeder) sources for the abundant copper mineralization found at the site.

The second phase of drilling, which was begun by SRU in June, further confirmed findings of abundant high grade copper mineralization via four angled holes:

• ME10-04, -05 and -06 were drilled near the underground workings to the NE and SW of holes drilled in 2009
• ME10-07 drilled on strike just NE of previous operations

The two “step-out” holes showed really good data. A complete illustration showing drill holes and assays for this, as well as the 2009 drilling, is available at the Company’s website:

• ME10-05, 91 feet of 5.09% copper and 68.5 g/t silver – with a 55-foot, 7.99% copper and 108.6 g/t silver segment
• ME10-04, 84 feet of 2.04% copper and 15.3 g/t silver – in a 109-foot, 1.81% copper and 13.8 g/t silver section

President and CEO of SRU, André Douchane, beamed at the results, stating that the Company intends to pursue a more intensive drilling program once funding is secured.

ME10-06 showed a good 10 foot spike to 5% copper and an average of about 1%. A similar average for ME10-07 of about 1.5% copper, with silver data indicating 41.4 g/t and 15.7 g/t maximums respectively.

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