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Soyo Group Inc. (SOYO) is into Providing Electronics for the Home

Soyo Group Inc. is a consumer electronics and IT products provider. Trading on the OTCBB, they have their corporate headquarters in Ontario, California, along with additional sales offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Established in 1985, Soyo forges strategic relationships with premier global manufacturers to deliver state-of-the-art affordable products to consumers.

Originally an expert manufacturer of designer motherboards, Soyo saw the need for affordable, high-quality peripheral consumer electronic products. They then began to branch out into the other product lines that are now very much an integral part of their business. Soyo recently signed a licensing agreement with Honeywell Intellectual Properties Inc. to produce consumer electronics products.

Soyo opened their first office in the United States in 1989. The company sells LCD monitors, LCD televisions, computer motherboards, Bluetooth headsets, portable storage devices, home-theater furniture products, and broadband products and services. Soyo’s brand name product lineup includes SOYO, Dragon, Onyx, Dymond, Honeywell, Le Vello, and Prive. In July, Soyo announced that they signed a five-year agreement to lease a 74,731 square foot multi-purpose facility. This facility, which will almost double their headquarters, operations, and warehouse space, provides them the improved infrastructure they need to further develop the sales of these products in the coming years.

The company sells their products through a network of distributors, resellers, retailers, online retailers, mail-order catalogs, and other channels. They began their transition into LCD and computer accessories in 2005 when they saw the demand for LCD products increasing. This division of their business has now moved to the top of their product offerings. Soyo saw their 2007 sales top $100 million, a 95.4-percent increase over the previous year. Their 17, 19, and 24 inch LCD monitors are currently in over 900 OfficeMax stores in the United States. Last year saw them expand their product availability to include Canada and Mexico. Soyo’s Le Véllo Furniture line is their margin-driven product offering which they sell through online retailers, distributors, and retail stores.

On July 30, SOYO Inc. announced that their 32-inch SOYO-brand plasma TV is now available in hundreds of stores across the U.S. and online. These include Rex TV Stores and nine other sales outlets. SOYO currently has 10 sales outlets carrying their 32-inch plasma TV, including an outlet in South America.

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