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Solta Medical, Inc. (SLTM) Receives 501k Clearance from FDA for Clear + Brilliant Treatment

Solta Medical reported today reception of FDA 501k clearance for the Company’s Clear + Brilliant treatment, which had previously received CE mark and is based on SLTM’s fractional laser technology.

The Clear + Brilliant treatment will be officially launched at the upcoming World Congress of Dermatology in Seoul, Korea. The advent of this new treatment would not have been possible without the Company’s mastery of fractional laser applications, as evident in SLTM’s Fraxel® treatment, which delivers minimally invasive clinical solutions for resurfacing aging/sun damaged skin.

The Company started shipping the product to select/key international markets back in April and has slated domestic distribution for later this month, offering physicians and skin care providers the perfect tool for serving the massively underserved continuum of skin care markets between OTC treatments and more aggressive clinical treatments like Fraxel.

President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board at SLTM, Stephen J. Fanning, called this newest system just one more step forward for the Company, which already has a sophisticated portfolio of innovative anti-aging and skin care technologies like CLARO®, Isolaz® (skin care, treatment of acne and other, more severe skin conditions) and Thermage® (skin tightening and contouring via radio frequency). Fanning explained that FDA approval of the Clear + Brilliant system would greatly expand the Company’s patient base, while generating incremental revenue for both the Company itself and physician/skin care providers adopting the new technology.

The new system is perfect for patients who do not require the kind of transformative benefits of more aggressive laser resurfacing yet want a more effective treatment than current regimes.

Hong Kong Laser and Dermatology Centre Physician, Dr. Henry Chan, who evaluated the system in his practice, extolled both the preventative treatment and maintenance treatment the system can provide, saying it wonderfully meets the needs of both younger and older patients alike. Dr. Chan reported excellent feedback from his clients who were quite pleased with the system’s ability to tone and tighten the skin, resulting in a healthy and youthful appearance.

This new offering adds substantial weight to the Company’s already strong technology portfolio and even before the upcoming official launch, the Clear + Brilliant system is already generating massive buzz within the industry.

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