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SIFCO Industries Inc. (SIF) Has Steely Determination for Success

SIFCO Industries Inc. (SIF) believes success comes through continually investing in people, technology, and facilities. With this focus, the company has positioned itself as an excellent provider of metalworking processes, services, and products. These processes include forging, heat-treating, coating, welding, machining, and selective electrochemical finishing.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, SIFCO is part of the Aerospace/Defense Products and Services industry. It trades on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) and has a market capitalization of $60.8M. There are three business segments; the Aerospace Component Manufacturing Group, the Turbine Components Services and Repair Group, and the Applied Surface Concepts Group.

SIFCO’s product lines are forgings, machined forged parts, and machined metal parts. It also produces remanufactured component parts for turbine engines, and provides selective electrochemical finishing solutions and equipment.

SIFCO’s customers are in the commercial and military aerospace industry and land-based power generation sector. Other customers include those in the medical, marine, and petrochemical industries. Through the SIFCO Forge Group, the company is a provider of specialized forged components, and serves the aircraft structural, engine, landing gear, and wheel and brake markets. Another market important to SIFCO is the industrial gas turbine sector.

SIFCO began in 1913 with a group of entrepreneurs who saw a need to apply newer scientific principles to improve the properties of metals. Their goal was to improve steel quality, hence the name of the new company: The Steel Improvement Company. This company merged with The Forest City Machine Company in 1916. The new company became The Steel Improvement and Forge Company. In 1969, the name simply became SIFCO.

With determination, SIFCO continues to dedicate itself to its people, processes, and shareholder profit, constantly looking for innovative ways to provide customers’ with the specific design solutions they require. SIFCO Industries Inc. has the years of experience behind it to insure these things are done efficiently.

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