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Security With Advanced Technology, Inc. (SWAT) is “One to Watch”

Security with Advanced Technology Inc., a non-lethal security products company, has recently received favorable results in protecting its intellectual property rights and is looking forward to aiding peaceful conflict resolution. It has also received favorable response regarding a warrant issue of over $3.5 million that will help in providing products to accomplish this goal. In many respects, these two events could be considered “housekeeping” events that position the company to move forward in a productive manner.

In past quarters, the company has experienced bottlenecking in certain inventory and manufacturing areas. The issuance of warrants, 90% accepted, will let the company proceed in a more efficient and profitable manner. The added capital will also allow the company to focus on several of its flagship products including; a mobile surveillance video system that the company has recently received patent approval for, tactical surveillance services and intrusion detection systems. In past quarters, competitors had been fairly close to infringement of the company’s pending patents. Now, the company can proceed with licensing its products to those same close competitors if it so chooses.

The need for a variety of non-lethal security measures has increased dramatically over the past decade as military peacekeeping forces and governments deal with regional conflicts/demonstrations in non-lethal ways. Security With Advanced Technology Inc. provides the means to recognize and mitigate events such as these with its wide ranging product base. Governments from superpowers to villages are taking advantage of the company’s products, and will continue to do so as the world follows current trends.

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